CPR, First Aid & Standard Precautions for Child Care Providers


Do you need to get certified or recertified for your child care job? You've come to the right place!

At American Workplace Safety, we specialize in training Child Care Providers in CPR/AED, Pediatric First Aid, and the Colorado Office of Early Childhood's Standard Precautions course for Child Care Providers!

Our clients include Kindercare, La Petite Academy, and Denver Public Schools, so you can be confident that this is the course that you need for your child care job!

Our classes conform with 2015 AHA guidelines for adult, child and infant CPR, 2015 pediatric first aid guidelines and 2020 Standard Precautions requirements for childcare employees as mandated by by the Colorado Office of Early Childhood, the Colorado Department of Human Services and Colorado Shines.

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